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The Gulden Cryptocurrency (NLG) is a coin such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (Ether) but much more convenient, faster and cheaper than both and really practical as a payment method.

If desired, you can easily transfer it directly from your wallet to your bank account, so fluctuations in the price of Gulden do not have to affect the price.

The value of the Gulden frequently moves independently of the Bitcoin. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are often purchased as an investment but not as a practical means of payment.

We must mention that with the implementation of SegWit, Schnorr and recent developments in the Lighting Network for Bitcoin and other coins who are participating like Litecoin will improve significantly for the reason they were invented which is a payment method.
In this respect, the Gulden is already well in advance with Gulden 2.0, a series of technically important improvements, a series of technical important improvements such as SegSig (Segregated Signatur), an improvement of SegWit, with which it is possible to accept larger blocks and PoW² for even safer and faster confirmation. With this, the Gulden Internationaal will be ahead at the rest.

Litecoin (LTC) works fine but Gulden is the most practical.

Despite periodic large or small decreases of the price, all signs indicate that the value of the Gulden (NLG) will rise even further in the long term, but even if you do not want to keep Gulden for this reason, it is easy to temporarily put money in the wallet. to be able to pay on more and more websites and other places.

There are wallets available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android, in several languages. The wallet works well and clearly. Actually, this is much more modern and convenient than many wallet of others like Bitcoin etc.

Only the first one-time synchronization with the blockchain takes a while, but after that everything works very simply, quickly and smoothly.

There are also other wallets that you can use to store Gulden, which are often the multi-currency wallets.

Gulden (NLG) has an active, knowledgeable and well-collaborating development team to further improve the service and prepare it for the future with the latest developments.

You can download the Gulden wallet from the official Gulden website:

On the same site you can also easily buy Gulden with iDeal or Bancontact.

Buying and selling Gulden is also possible among others on the websites Anycoin and Litebit.

Other Cryptocurrencies can easily be converted to Gulden (NLG) and vice versa below:







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